2D Barcodes at Bath – thoughts

Just summarising the discussion we had this morning about your rather nifty idea.

  • To start with just focus on the bulleted points in the summary description. I think we should approach the promotion of the project and user support issues as a separate project. That said, I am very keen to get you to present this at the next elearning operational meeting.
  • can you put some dates against this – I’m aware it’s how long is a piece of string but it is useful. These can change as we progress.
  • appropriate documentation so that this can be passed onto another group to maintain or further develop (exit strategy)
  • include a column on risks and interfaces. As mentioned we might need to include the language that it is being developed in, and the tiny.bth.ac.uk subdomain. So we can then start a discussion with BUCS / Web Services. This should lead into a sustainable exit strategy.
  • I mentioned the chat with John Traxler – the blurb for the mlearn conference is … http://www.mlearn2008.org/content/view/15/43/
  • Please bookmark in delicious all web material – I’m using [ qr qrcode mob_learn eatbath ]
  • Finally, could you upload the  updated project plan (with the new risks collumn) to the wiki. I’ve created a page for 2D Barcodes at Bath

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