Using social network software for staff

I’m starting to investigate the idea of using a social software site, such as ELGG, to help facilitate the emerging staff social network around the university. With staff, I think providing a social network would be important. They are unlikely to be using one already (in large numbers), it could be hooked into single sign on, they are very comfortable with institutional software etc., I think they would respond well to the provision of such software, as opposed to trying to aggregate other networks, or “shoe horn” other software, such as Moodle into this role. However, it is also flexible enough to allow those in the elearning team to integrate their blogs, bookmarks etc, into the software.

Why ELGG? A driver for using ELGG is that a number of other Universities have installed and are developing it, including Leeds, Westminster, Brighton.

The first phase will be to install the latest version. Then start a technical review interms of its fit to Bath, it’s flexibility etc., This will include a number of visits to other institutions. There will also need to be a review on how other UK HEIs have been using it. Lots of work to come.


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