EduText Session – Friday 30th May

Attended the Edutext training session arranged by David Mullings.

The software does look very simple to use. The e-learning team have a sub account (Bath_ELT) with the incoming number 07624804921. I have set up some sub users – these are university people who can access this e-learning account. It will mean that we each have our own log in. I have also set up to incoming rules that will allow people to subscribe/unsubscribe to SMS updates from the elearning team. These updates are for Moodle Service News and Upcoming Events – see

Overall, I’ll leave the technical discussion to John – however, there appears to be very good potential integration with SAMIS. While the sub account management, for Departments, and subsequent costs model is also very easy.

In terms of business continuity then easy to send to groups & sub groups. Also can export the report of who received the text (but doesn’t indicate who has opened it). all traffic is routed through Vodafone UK.

There were some quite interesting uses outlined by the presenter. In particular, they’d developed a real time graphical analysis tool for those who use it as Audience Response System in classes.

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