Using SMS in e-learning – text alerts

I have just developed two text subscription services for people wishing to receive sms text alerts from us.

  • Moodle service alerts – this is for us updating people about planned and non-planned service downtimes. We would simply text a date/time for downtime, brief reason why and link to the Moodle Support Area. We would also text them when normal service resumes.
  • e-learning events – this is for people who wish to be updated (2 days in advance) of an e-learning organised event, such as a workshop or lunchtime session. They would be texted the title of the event, the date, the time, and the room.

The system works as follows;

person texts “Moodle Alert” or “Events” to 07624804921 – the system then adds them to that particular group. It then pushed a text to Andy’s phone (monitoring purposes – this filter will be turned off later), and auto responds saying “thanks, and giving how to remove yourself from the list”.

If people wish to remove themselves from either list then they simply need to text the following to 07624804921;

  • moodle alert stop
  • events stop

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