LTEO web meeting – notes/actions

Meeting with Dan – Friday 13th, PM.

Broadly we discussed the actions and notes from the last LTEO web team meeting (7th April). The following actions came from the meeting. Dan will look through and identify how long it will take. Andy will arrange another LTEO web meeting.

The following actions were identified;

  • Academic staff development courses – do not display the date when added to WordPress site, ie. the 15th May 2008
  • Remove the /staff/publications/acurtis page from the server (uit has been removed from the navigation but still exists)
  • suggest a solution that will allow us changing pictures on the home page. We will need advice about the type of picture, i.e., the size and format.
  • remove “what’s here for you” throughout the site – still exists in events etc., on left navigation
  • cop/index.php still appears in the “what’s here for you”, een though the WHFY won’t be used any more. Can this page be re-created
  • standardise the navigation. At times the expansion doesn’t display everything afterwards on the list – see – you lose the options for CoP statements.
  • remove the 1hr lunch time workshop – on the events-workshop, see – it appears on some areas.
  • when click on the following event – the navigation options go to LTEO staff. Please set so they go to events. Also, please check other events. Could you advise on if this is human error when we create these events.
  • based on the Bath website style guide, prepare a 15 minute overview to present at the next LTEO web meeting.

Actions Andy

  • agree on event categories, i.e., what is a workshop, what is a seminar and what is an event – how do they differ?
  • contact BUCS about setting up a live, test and old system.
  • see about web stats available from BUCS for LTEO web site – visitors, where they go etc.,
  • where it says – RSS Feeds [What is RSS?] on right navigation. re-write as “External News”
  • events – mock up the possibility of dividing the events into “soft boxes”, to distinish between ASD, and e-learning. Then on front page pull the next three from each one. But when you go to the events page then these will display them in there separate areas. Question is, how can this be automated using the current authoring approach?

Actions listed but already done:

  • remove “what’s here for you”
  • Remove “latest news” from side bar

Advice based on notes from LTEO web meeting

  • Don’t upgrade to wordpres 2.5 because wrote lots of local code for the integration. So this will be a significant job.

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