bringing our stuff together …

Given the recent progress I’d suggest that we use yahoo pipes to help bring information together.

LTEO e-learning web site – we can include and display an rss feed in the main area of the LTEO web site. This will allow us to use it as a rss aggregator to display rss content. I’d like to create a number of new pages;

pilots, projects and services – this will give background info to our current projects, pilots and services (Moodle, OUE, SMS, ARS, Heat3). This page will link to the individual blogs / wikis. Part of these services is that the lead person is expected to write a minimum blog post (a 250 word news update (once a fortnight)). These will be brought together via yahoo pipes. The RSS will be included within the page. This will act as a hook to keep people informed.

For example

This is the feed of news (rss entries) from the internal services and projects run by the e-learning team. At the moment this is Moodle and Audience Response Systems. The pipe pulls in the the 2 most recent posts from the individual blogs.

For this to work then we need to standardise these support sites.

Another use of yahoo pipes is to collate what people are reading (bookmarking) about these services. For instance, see Each site will include bookmarked resources that are drawn together from all people. For instance, the yahoo pipe … collates Andy and Nitin’s delicious bookmarks. For this to work then members of the team need to inform me of the rss feed that they are using to bookmark this type of resource, and then stick with it.


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