e-learning practioners forum …. time for a change?

A stated role of the e-learning team is to develop an effective elearning community at the University, and to share effective practice. The primary vehicle to achieve this is the e-learning practitioners forum. This is both a face to face and an online community which aims to connect people and share effective practice.

I’ve not had a chance yet to look at the attendance of the face to face events, however, I have reviewed the online community. My first observation is that the online community is not working. In terms of participants then 57 people are enrolled on the course. This is a very low number given the number of staff engaged in e-learning at the University.

The following summaries the last accessed date; only 40 people actually accessed – so some got enrolled but never been in !

  • accessed in last 30 days – 3 people
  • accessed between 31 – 90 days – 5 people
  • accessed between 91 and 200 days – 16 people
  • accessed between 201 and 350 days – 15 people
  • never accessed – 17 people

Given peoples poor access then this forum must offer little to meet peoples actual needs. Therefore, there needs to be a re-design, which includes a go back to basics and state the aims of the eLPF.

Other promotions – the eLPF needs to become the focal point, so the exit strategy for all face to face actvities should be visit the eLPF. Also, an activity in workshops should be to undertaken on the eLPF.

Finally, the eLPF needs to have a pre-booked number of events for the whole year.

So it is a great idea, there is a need for a vehicle to share effective practice, encourage people to connect with each other and promote a learning community. The eLPF is the vehicle to do this, it just needs to be given the clear focus and priority.


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