Yugma + skype desktop conferencing

Roger in the team arranged for us to trial Yugma with the skype additional software. This allowed a desktop conference (audio but no video), where you can share desktops, annoatate the desktop, and share files. He got the nudge from attending a paper at ALT C 2008.

I went in with an open mind and a lot of experience with these types of tools – I’d been using Wimba’s live classroom for many years for high stake activities.

The sort of task I had in mind was a groups of students working on a collaborative piece. For instance, evaluating data, or working up a presentation. I found that the session went very well. The quality was good, and the software realitively easy to use. I think a few problems occurred with the wireless network at Roger’s end.

Overall, I think this shows great potential (given it is free) as an option for one to one (few) desktop conferencing, where you need a little extra functionality compared to skype. The next step is that Roger is going to arrange a large group session, and I think a virtual presentation is in order for the next LTEO Team Meeting đŸ˜‰


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