mlearn – raw notes

registered for edutxt conference updates. I’ll be very interested in seeing what comes through.

diana laurillard – towards a pedadogy driven account of mobile learning

developing conversational framework in relationship to mobile learning.

narritive … makesure we understand what makes a technology pedadogically driven.

argue that technology is not optimised for intensive active learning.

still not appreciating if there is a specifc tool(s) for learning. I’m very happy with the conversational framework, but surely we can do this with given technologies. because for it to work, then it is the responsibility of the teaching to set this up, to scaffold, to enthuse and motivate.

informal learnng – not following an explicit curriculm. Unless the social group creates this curriculum.

it sounds like it is time I re-connected with the conversational framework

#mlearn2008 think Diana is missing the idea that we’d use a karge range of technologies to achieve many thiongs, I.e., a podcast can be created collaboratively by students


key note strengths pf mobile learning – link to twitter –
discussing with peers,

affective forms of motivation


issue with mapping affective forms of motivation in mobile learning – the conversational framework assume implicit motivation.


digital learning design – undersatnding the thesis of at art exhibition – can use QR codes to help faciliate the activity, I.e., make it more efficient to access these activities / tasks /

this is a nice model to use QR codes – “lubricate the wheels of learning”


Marc – second keynote

where are we going with mobiles? how can we fill the gaps?

– where is education going? where is the technology going is a world of rapid technological change.

I wonder, if we focus on using using the technology appropraitely. in other words, I want to take the technology out of the equation. I think we should role this back to the learning models.

so I’m not a million miles away from his view .. technology nenhances the new learning paridigm.

thought – a limiting factor to this change is the teacher – it does go back to the issue of encouraging staff to be able to take risks – he uses the definition of courage.

todays gaps

student – teacher gap
have – have nopt
present and future – vision gap
reseracher – practitioner gap

I like the focus on a digital learner.


adelaide garden spaces

looking at tools to provide real time feedback to students on physical tours.

milk – an event, which is an smsm pathway. players receive a text message, find the answer then reply.

I wonder if the word length is limiting?

then rolled out as a web based generation.

milk – the mobile learning kit – is it available, canw we bolt in our sms service provider.

I quite like the idea because it uses sms – so slightly simpler than creat-escape. – – need to catch up with this.

The key is to get the students to create these. So how might we use this in e-learning for staff development.


liz aspen – sheff halam

used 15 students who had to use twitter to micro blog what they are doing, their learning landscape.



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