a road map for exe …

We’ve been looking at the use of eXe as a tool for the development of e-learning tutorials. Roger, has been leading this investigation. He presented some thoughts at our recent WEETHE meeting. After various discussion we have started to look at a road map for a wider pilot.

I suppose the first question must be, is this needed? The answer is, in our opinion yes. However, we need to start a small scale, low resource roll out to guage peoples interest.

In particular,

  • plan – get something up and running by the end of January, run an awareness raising event for staff around Feb time.
  • start developing a number of tutorials to support the Audience Response System and QR Code Projects. These will act as stand alone tutorials which are housed in the eLPF area.
  • agree on an approach to the design of our tutorials. Re-visit these ideas in a e-learning team meeting.
  • create a number of small teams within the e-learning community to work on the two topics – perhaps, Nitin and Geraldine, and Lindsay and Andy
  • arrange for the supporting blog to be created
  • get taliesin and xx to look into the potential integration within Moodle – interms of as an activity, or within a theme – get Roger to write out his vision. particular emphasis on trying to reduce process
  • design the support model.
  • general feeling, this is one for the eLPF approach.

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