couple of questions for Nitin to tackle

Hi Nitin,

Based the work of Gemma, the emerging blog post and the article by Jeremy Williams (see Diigo group). Then I thought it would be really useful if we (you) could write a blog post that answers the following questions;

  • what is an assertion reason question style?
  • what are some of the benefits of an assertion-reason question style over other question styles?
  • how might you effectively design in an assertion-reason question style into your audience response activity? Some practical tips

The target date for the first draft is 12th December.



  1. Nitin Parmar

    Just to let you know that my first post on this topic is now available at:

    As discussed, I’ve answered the first two questions, though only referred to the advantages of using ARQs over MCQs, rather than covering other, different types of questions.

    I’ll tackle question number three (“effectively design..”) in a follow-up post next week.


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