Notes – Moodle Tec Meeting

Notes & Actions

Thursday Tag update – SAMIS tickets. Aiming for 4 out of 5. Might not have a solution for ticket 40

ticket 113 – Dom will have in place for Tuesday 10th March

ticket 112 – Taliesin will comment on today – Nitin feedback to SfH. Take from there.

New work process

Tag updates on Tuesday

Therefore, changes for the tag update need to be signed off by Friday lunchtime. We will meet every wednesday morning 10.00 for tech meeting.

Monday’s for tech team shift from Moodle Tag to other Moodle work (development projects etc.,) and non-Moodle stuff. This line will be held – unless it is system wide failure.

Two new trac tickets to be added as low priority;

1. SAMIS work on GUI and dynamic build of lists – reducing humand error. Matt did lots of work on this. Taliesin to enter

2. easier authoring of the front page. Meaning we don’t need to update via a tag. Dom to enter


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