Moode Tech Meeting – 10th March

Minutes / Actions

Dom >> Front page needs a tweak to remove the Thursday slot – also, need to re-phrase the text so it reads appopriately when you delete the Thursday maintanence slot. Get changes in for next Tag update (17th March)

Taliesin / Nitin >> test SAMIS changes on Multimedia. If OK then sign tickets off (yippee)

Dom >> include Taliesin’s search by Course ID into the tag update for 17th March. Then sign off Trac Ticket 113

Nitin >> MOSCOW trac tickets

Taliesin / Andy >> Forward info concerning Ivan Graham’s need for Moodle upload submissions. This testing script will be developed if possible – by Friday. Andy – email Ivan, best endeavors

Taliesin / Nitin >> Get Andy Ralph’s (ETG Pharmacy) Scorm changes into RT and Trac – then take from there.

Andy >> email Dave Mayo concerning being able to view stored procedures on the database. Not essential, but useful as we can take ownership.

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