paper show – displaying paper annotations in face to face teaching – first impressions

I”ve had a first stab at reviewing the paper show system – this is where you use a USB stick to bluetooth connect with a pen.  So when you write on paper it displays your writing on the pc (and the you project). It uses pre-printed paper so there is also a set of generic controls, i.e., thickness of pen, colour, eraser, shapes etc.,

You can also drive and annotate powerpoints !

The background is that AV have purchased a version. I can see some very obvious applications. For instance, in one sense it can act as a replacement (poor cousin) of a tablet PC / interactive whiteboard. Where you can use it to annotate slides etc., in other words do what you are currently doing in your teaching but more efficiently. However, I get excited as it will allow us to change how we use technology in face to face teaching. For instance, this could be a very accessible way for students to engage with the material. The scenario that springs to mind is, a seminar group in Economics. We might ask lots of questions that are worked through on a whiteboard. The beauty of this is that you get the students to do the work, they work out the solutions and present the answers. The technology moves to them, simply pass them the paper and pen. This is a wonderful piece of technology – especially as I can pre-load some slides (diagrams, questions, equations) and print these onto the paper that we can annotate. So the structure can be included … all the person needs to do is annotate the page.

Before I can start on the scenario above, I need to see how it works. So I’ve plugged it in, and started. I have not read the instruction manual 🙂

First observation … very very easy. All the software is held on the usb stick. I simply plugged it in. I then opened the directory and clicked on start. It gives me a number of options, I choose new whiteboard. Then the pen and the usb will try to connect (uses bluetooth). Importantly, it is plug ‘n play, it works and you do not need admin rights 🙂

I used the pad supplied. There was no need to calibrate the paper. Simply write and go.

It provided a number of generic options, which you simply need to use the pen to click on. These include, change pen colour, line thickness, draw shapes, eraser, new page on your whiteboard session.

At the end of the session I clicked on the paer-show icon (top left) saved the version and then also exported it to powerpoint. Interestingly, the file is saved to the actual usb stick. So I’m not sure how this might be implemented within a Department. I might be that people will need to purchase one each.

The next step is to further work through my Economics scenario. Where I develop the material and then print onto the paper.


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