Tech Meeting – 17th March

Tag update: went through. Tickets 113 and 42 signed off 🙂

We signed off the following;

101 – latex displaying thumbs up & thumbs down. Changed the HTML Editor so these emoticons are now (yyy) & (nnn). This follows advice on Moodle Org forums. We will monitor the situation.
26 – include a tiny url on FAQs. so when click it will generate the tinyurl. This will be further discussed in our meeting with Web Services about the service.

Need more info on the following tickets;

53 – is this done? reads like it is in RT. Can we sign it off?
73 – why are we doing this? this reads like it is an issue with the content hat the indivdiual uploaded and not the system. If this is the case then it is their responsibility to clean the file up.

Dom’s working – still in orientation period so i’m managing the trac tickets 🙂

115 – editable front page – so don’t need to keep updating via a tag update. Time scale – signed off on 26th March, in tag update on 31st March.

Investigate tickets 86 & 88. Will have a eta for resolution (if appropriate) by the end of this week – Friday 20th


  1. Nitin Parmar

    Ticket #117 should have been signed off rather than ticket #42. Have re-opened ticket #42.

    Ticket #53 is still outstanding. No work has been done on this ticket (as far as I’m aware) since Matt left.

    Ticket #73 was a symptom of the Moodle upgrade 1.5 to 1.9, and possible data corruption in the database. No one has reported further problems since, however.

  2. Dom

    Darn it, and I thought we’d solved the question to the final answer 😉

    Will have a look at #42 as one of the tickets to assess (with #86 & #88).

    #53 – I’ve been through and reviewed, re-ordering and flagging items for clarification/further info. Some issues aren’t showing up for me (so may have been fixed?). There’s a URL that’s expired since the original submission and something else that could do with a screenshot.

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