Outcomes from SMS project meeting

The following are the outcomes from the SMS meeting with Geraldine & David. Guys, please add your comments.

A few key decisions were made. The back drop is the need to promote SMS in T&L at the University, and develop a model which sustainable, transparent and scales.

The broad model is as follows;

When Dept / Schools want to use SMS they purchase the texts and incoming number from BUCS (David Mullings). They can purchase various models, however, the financial commitment will be around £250 pounds. This might include, one incoming number and a 1000 sms texts. At the end of each year, BUCS (David Mullings) will contact the individuals to discuss future need, and the renewal of the incoming number (if appropriate). The method of payment will be discussed with David Mullings.

To help people get started before having to commit money, then e-learning (Geraldine Jones) will provide 100 texts and an incoming number (shared, using key words – academics UoB username). This will last until the end of the semester they are in, or the end of the texts whcih ever is sooner.

To provide the texts, we will contact those who originally showed interest and re-allocate their SMS messages, on the assumption that they’ll not be using them this academic year.

ACTION >> ANDY contact Sue etc.,

ACTION >> ANDY update SMS group

ACTION >> ANDY contact John Howell about SMS Guidelines

ACTION >> GERALDINE ensure a scaleable process is in place

ACTION >> DAVID confirm which in coming numbers have been used. We will need to re-allocate a number to support roll out

ACTION >> GERALDINE once conform re-allcoation of texts, then remove allocation from indivdiuals (Sue etc.,)

ACTION >> GERALDINE & DAVID streamline the account structure on EduTxt so that we standardise to naming conventions etc.,


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