First CMALT sesssion

Well after many years, and a few institutions it begins 🙂

A couple of actions from the CMALT webinar are;

  • create wiki space for my e-portfolio
  • link in all the documents from the CMALT site
  • write my reflection framework – I’ll base mine on Kolb’s learning cycle.

Overall, it wasn’t to stressful 🙂 Having seen some exemplars, the way they are written and the evidence that is being used then my current practice of blogging lots, evaluating lots and disseminating lots should give me lots to work with. I think I’ll have a 4 month plan to bring this to a conclusion by the end of June.

There are a number of pieces of work that I’ll need to write reports about / on. This will act as part of my evidence base. I’m interpreting it that all statements should refer to the 4 key principles (or as many as they can). The appendices will contain executive summaries from reports, reflections and change from the blogs etc., these will be summaries, with links to the appropriate resource. In many cases I need to aim for three examples to give balance.

I’ll also need to capture some testimonals from people. I’m thinking most of this should be video, and I’ll weave into a camtasia sytle movie.

The next stage is to spend a few hours with mind genius mapping the four key principles, to the core and specialist areas, against the examples. After this I can review the evidence base (I currently have), and identify what further evidence I need to collect.


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