Tech Meeting – 31st March

Actions from previous meeting

Update from Dom: in for Tuesday 7th >>>#115,  #88

Looking at #86 – give another 30 minutes or so, then park.

#73 – Nitin will close #73 in Trac and on RT. Andy will write a responsbilities statement concerning if a resource being uploaded into Moodle (htm, html) then staff resposnible for tidying up code, not Moodle Team.

Tickets that have been prioritised;

  • #89 – SAMIS – Taliesin – OK in for Tuesday
  • #123 – SAMIS – Taliesin – OK should be a script
  • #124 – Dom
  • #130 – Not e-learning

This needs to become a specific project …. #98 – SOOT. Will assign people at next Moodle Ops Meeting

# 131 Looking at, with a solution in place for Thursday 9th April >> Dom

Next Tag update – 7th April. Note Taliesin, Nitin & Andy at MoodleMoot. No tag update on Tuesday 14th (Uni Holiday).

Ticket from Lisa – the RT ticket (518292) needs to be in Trac before it can be assigned resource. Action >> Lisa … get this in Trac.


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