Moodle Moot 2009 – raw notes …

Southampton Solent – streaming server

recordings from broadcasts. I’m wondering what BUFVC BOB initiative? Is the ERA dead?

Lots of stuff about their local solution for capturing content. They host somewhere, Library Catalogue. Tutors then link (cut and paste) into Moodle site. So same as our LMF !!!

Moodle FLV media filter
1. Modified the JWplayer

re-working of the player. Including ensuring that video will play inb the Forum. Standard question, is this in the core code?

Are people happy with the idea of manually including the link in Moodle to the video on our streaming server? If yes, the emphasis should be to ensure that the media player works fine in Moodle for the formats / needs. The changes that Southampton have made to the player looks like a typical experience from YouTune etc.,

>>> need to follow this up with the team, and AV.

>>> Need to ask the questions about, lots of modifications. Where is this documented?

UCL are looking at a scaleable solution which links into the captured lectures automtically in Moodle. Some are thinkin of having it as an activity that links to your video (lecture) recordings.

>>> follow up with the person from UCL

The code is on … or some of it is … should be able to modify to use a different media streaming type.

They are looking at the future version where they have a group / individual space where people can upload user created content to stream in Moodle. So a  sort of university youtube service. I suppose this is very similar to our thoughts about our youtube service, with the ability to add a tag so it can be auto included in moodle course … given a LDAP check that you are entitled to do this / view this.


community participation – teaching children how to contribute

anderson and krathwohl (2001) – revised taxonomy

some quite interesting ideas in terms of trying to morph the blooms taxonomy. In partiocular not linear, so different parts would interface other stages. So you don’t havethe heirarchy. Secondly, tried to shift the discussion from the individual to collaborative learning, I.e., adds “collaboration” at each interface

I think he should work up the idea of a self cognitive pathway, where the person learns these skills (as outlined by the pyramid), so they can work collaboratively. however, it is a process of internal and external and constant reflection. So, mate … join your two slides together and then add a big pinch of kolb’s and you’ve got somethinng really interesting and is much more inline with the real world.

>>> Need to make sure that I take a copy of the the #shock09 tag.


open discussion – worry about 2.0

>>> why aren’t we using the questionnaire third party plug-in?


lecture capture systems – automted, and integrated. Part of STEEPLE (JISC Project), working with Oxford, Cambridge, also using iTunes U.


Mahara Session

People have been used Moodle, via the assessment submission tool. They set a simple scale, I.e., submitted / approved / not approved

It sounds like the idea is that people would then upload the evidence for the tool. The marker would then download, assess progress and then change it in the tool. The outcome is that they can download / upload the  spreadsheet. So can be useful for monitoring.

The end result is the ULCC have been developing Mahara (type) so that more coming in …

mahara …. it would be very interesting to offer this as an eportfolio system for the  PGCAPP / CMALT. Force people to use it for CMALT

>>> email Lisa, Geraldine  and Joe about …

>>> Mahara 1.1

>>> DerrinKent …. get in to run a workshop  session for e-learning team on using Mahara

>>> ULCC – integrates with MIS to pull the info. Concept is that you get tracking. So this creates a “view” of assessment. Likely to be launched in later this year.

>>> Mahara + Moodle = Mahoodle



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