Tech Meeting – 21st April

Notes from previous meeting

  • Tickets completed: #89, #123, #124, #130, #73
  • Need to confirm: Dom is #131 done?

SOOT – need to find some time to address this ticket.

Action Dom >> Editable front page. Dom updated people, on iteration 2. Will be looking at including editable warning banner. Agreed Dom would bring his ideas to Lisa and Nitin to get some user input on his approach.

Theme for D4LLL (Joe). Lisa updated all. Agreed that Joe should continue with local (course) customisation. However, he should inform the team on his user requirements and design mock up. This will be fed into a future theme project.

Tickets to do … these need to be signed off by friday noon.

Priority 1:

  • Taliesin >> Unenrol problems with the SAMIS code, and fall out
  • #140 >> Taliesin
  • #129 >> Dom
  • #78 >> Dom

Once completed, Priority 2

  • #136 >> Taliesin
  • #124 >> Dom

Once completed, Prioity 3

  • #138 >> Taliesin
  • #54 >> Dom

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