Thoughts from Tim Barrett session on shibboleth

Firstly, the bigger picture … it sounds like the WAAA accounts and temp accounts are going to be reviewed over the next year. This will include a new interface. Have mentioned to Tim we would love to be involved in the consultation and testing

Shibboleth was very interesting. There looks like a potential show stopper in that the institutions will need to be part of the federation. Lisa raised the point, yes, but how likely is this for a small college?

Other things I’m not sure about include, if the moodle course includes a link to an online journal via the library, how will that work with shibboleth? We need to know much more (attributes) than currently have in shibboleth as we’ll need these people enrolled on courses.

What will be the implications on the Moodle login page as we offer twi entry points? Will we support students / staff from other institutions about login issues?

I mentioned to Tim some of our emerging ideas and needs. So will need to keep them in the loop about where this might go.


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