e-assessment work – Jules

Met up with Jules to discuss e-assessment (objective) work which I need doing.

Have agreed he’ll write a 3000 word discussion paper (for publication on OPuS), around the following questions;

1. what is e-assessment (objective testing)? (about 600 words)

2. how might I use it in my teaching and learning? This would include scenarios, evidence from UK HE and publications. The aim is for the audience to be won over to the pedagogical benefits of objective testing for formative purposes. They can reflect on how they might use it in their teaching.

3. objective testing in Moodle 1.9? (a few hundred words). This is the authors perspective of the use of other tools in Moodle (not just quiz) for objective testing, i.e., the lesson.

This will be completed by Dec 09. Assuming agree on the cost (;-)).

The rationale for this is, in terms of support e-assessment (formative, objective testing) at Bath, we have the FAQ which contains lots of material on the Moodle Quiz (http://moodle.bath.ac.uk/faq/category/1/quiz.html), and the e-book available through the staff area. We also have links to guides on question design (http://esu.bris.ac.uk/esu/e-assessment/writing_e-assessments/index.htm) and material on planning your online assessment (http://esu.bris.ac.uk/esu/e-assessment/planning_online-assessment.pdf). Finally we have policy statements on using Moodle for formative assessment only (http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/moodle/moodle-policy/#high-stake). However, we don’t have why and how to effectively use e-assessment in your teaching. So it is the last piece of the puzzle.

We discussed the idea of workshops etc., agreed we’d need to look at this for semester 2.

Finally, discussed a role in the upcoming e-assessment review. This will involve a data collection activity (who is using e-assessment, why, and what are their expereinces). So it would be nice to use an external for the semi-structured interviews.

Also, given the likely outcome is, we need systems to provide e-assessment on (in terms of robust, scaleable solutions), I’d like to find out if Moodle 2.0 is future proof interms of quiz, and online submission functionality. Jules could be commissioned for this report, i.e., is it fit for purpose from the academic / admin perspective. Then I’ll get a technical review from the e-learning / BUCS team. A potential model is to provide a second install of Moodle for high stakes summative (objective) testing and online electronic submissions.  So ensuring this type of activity can be provided away from the general use of Moodle. Plus, the institution could own this, so it could be on a separate upgrade path to Moodle, and include our own adds up.


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