Sympodium meeting – Mech Eng

Just been to a Mech Eng Sypodium software demo in 4E 3.38.

Firstly, organised by an academic (Nigel XXXX). Who had been using it and thought that others might be interested in using it as well. Especially, given 4E 3.10 has the same set up. In all 10 people attended, not including myeslf and Cher (AV) who’d been invited.

Session was very good, lots of people tried it, lots of interest. We finished up mulling over different scenarios of use, when/where you might use visualisers etc.,

A point to include is on the timetable software can it would be useful to have a link to uses / support pages. So if you know you are going to use the room you can check out how to set up the equipment.

Also, I learnt the following;

  1. visualisers can be recorded — need to find out how
  2. panopto to broadcast live (i.e., to other rooms) — need to meet up with Sacha and find out more.

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