Trend data for e-learning email queries

We are continuing to use RT to log all queries to e-learning. This has even involved a member of the team adding telephone queries. This is a really nice addition 🙂

A question often asked by me as the Head of the team is what’s happening in terms of the number of queries entering the process. Is it stable, increasing or decreasing? This will give an indication of pressure and requirements in terms of resource allocation.

The following displays the number of tickets created per day since 1st Sept 09 on our system.

It shows the help desk get a large number of queries (over 400 in the last two months), it also shows the peak period is October (as you’d expect with the start of the new academic year), and the underlying trend is starting to fit the september pattern of a few emails a day.


This is good news in the sense it looks like we’ve got through a peak period (thanks Team), so we can re-think the required resource level of front desk staff.

Please take this with a pinch of salt, i.e., it gives us the trend data. However, we’d need to map this against resolved in the same period, time taken to resolve and type of ticket to start to unpack a clearer picture. Much of this I simply haven’t the time to answer. Therefore, for now, I’ll leave it that RT queries (volume) will start to fall back to a much lower level, indicating we can release people to start to work on other projects.


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