Setting up induction tasks

There will be a number of new starters in the team in the new year. These will all have a set of induction tasks to complete as part of their probation. Apart from the maternity cover, who I assume will have a slightly different probation period (need to check !!).

In terms of the ESSD posts, the aim of the induction tasks are as follows;

1. let them get upto speed with our install of Moodle 1.9.6, custom code, and the specific development of the Moodle-SAMIS integration

2. get them familiar with the process by which we run our Moodle install, i.e., development box through to live, including subversion control, and testing procedures

3. make them familiar with the relationship between the different parts of the team; ESSD, LT (central & dept), and the use of RT and Trac

4. expose them to working collaboratively within the ESSDs, other members of the Team, BUCS and the wider UoB community

5. objectively identify they have the required skills, knowledge and approach as outlined in the job description to be able to play an active and appropriate role within the team. In other words, evidence that they have successfully passed probation, and indicate from an early stage their progress through the probation period.

Therefore, the induction tasks should be;

  1. very well defined
  2. achievable within the time frame
  3. ring fenced time
  4. mapped back to the required skills / knowledge in the JD
  5. can be monitored and this monitoring is transparent and objective
  6. include set milestones

Ideas for tasks, and timeframes;

  • 15 minute presentation on how the SAMIS-Moodle Integration (Block) works, and suggestions for feature enhancements from the user perspective. This is a four week piece of work
  • Moodle housekeeping – removal of old users, and hiving off of log tables. This is a two week piece of work
  • 15 minute presentation on risk assessment on current system architexture (hardware & software set up) in terms of trends in user growth and expectations for start of 2010-11 academic year. Three week piece of work

>>> mid probation >>>


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