working up notes for changes to QR Codes

We provide an automatically generated QR Code on the bottom of our Moodle pages – this allows people to scan the code if they wish to bookmark, or deep link back to the page it they print the page and wish to access via a phone etc.,

This has been available for a number of months, I’ve recieved a few email comments and it will be time to change the wording to reduce the degree of confusion

comments so far …


Furthermore, I often get a bar code square asking me to scan with a
>> cell phone camera.
>> My specific questions are: 1 – what do I need to do to join a forum
>> group. 2 – do I need to do anything with the bar codes?


Many thanks for your speedy reply. I’m logging in remotely from my PC
– and have logged in at – I searched for ‘research
skills online’ but am then asked to scan the qrcode with my phone. I
tried setting up a qrcode, but get no further than this. I’m not
overly technologically minded, so maybe I’m missing something or doing
something wrong?


The current text on the page is …

Mobile Barcode

QR Code for this this Moodle Page.

Scan this code with your mobile phone camera to access this page online.

To find out more, visit


As you can see some of the confusion from the users is they simply don’t know what the QR Code is, and they assume (rightly) based on the text info that they need to scan the code. The initial approach was to minimise the text information. However, given the evidence a new approach would to change the text. ie.,


The url for this page is available in this QR Code


If you scan this QR Code on your mobile phone you can access the page directly on your mobile device. You might use this for quick navigation or bookmarking.

If you are accessing this page on a computer then simply ignore the code.

To find out more about using QR Codes on your mobile device, visit




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