e-Assessment Review: thoughts from DoS 18th Nov

The following is the raw data (responses) when I asked people at the recent DoS meeting to write down their what questions they’d like answered, or issues addressed in the forthcoming e-assessment review (2010).

These are in no order (typos are all mine) ….

21 responses 🙂


  • we might like a system that collects video clips and combine these with other assessments (MCQ, papers) for marking
  • use of writing tablets, in exams and part of the marking process
  • overcoming the issue of downloading 100+ short assignments from Moodle and providing feedback is a very slow process
  • central OMR service?
  • e-assessment for mathematics: Maple TA or STACK
  • provision of specific central support for departments (not just training workshops, FAQs and helplines) so staff able to work with academics over a sustained period on a one-to-one basis as a new system is introoduced
  • are there models of e-learning in which learning and assessment are intregrated, i.e., not having to set aside tutorials for tests only
  • tie up and impact with rest of teaching process (i.e., unit assessment redesigned away from high stakes terminal exam during dedicated assessment period and towards smaller value tests given throughout the semester).
  • what support (i.e. workshops) will be made available?
  • e-feedback
  • does the review assume that the university will move towards on-line marking of all coursework?
  • e-feedback, for example could a submittted piece of electronic work be annotated (eg using a tablet) electronically and the feedback made available to students
  • MCQ for large classes and infrastructure needed
  • automated addition of other tools eg plagiarism detection or automated tester for programming assignments
  • what about following the OU model of e-TMA’s Quick marking with feedback .
  • Integration with TurnitIn
  • issues about assessing free text work, eg PhD disserations
  • is there a danger of the move to introduce e-assessment tools driving the pedagogy?
  • routine and automatic incorporation of plagiarism detection software
  • effective ways of providing e-feedback, formatively and summatively, to individuals and groups
  • don’t neglect printing costs of printing assessed work submitted online for marking At present met by students !! Parallel paper and e-submission better?
  • is moodle the best/most flexible system for organising and running forum discussions for groups of different sizes and abilities
  • other technologies (e-portfolios)
  • technologies for batch processing of assignments within moodle (batch downloading and storage)
  • e-assessment of large MCQs would be extremely useful
  • anomymised peer assessment
  • MCQ
  • student attendance at lectures
  • electronic tutorials – students generated unique question, complete online, monitored and assessed
  • professional placement portfolios – possibility of submission of reports from external agencies
  • anonymous marking / procedures – are they working?
  • not sure if audience response system counts as part of e-assessment
  • Moodle performance
  • automated assessment that goes beyond MCQs, natural language processing, diagram recognition



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