thoughts on podcasting event at Bath (11th Nov, 09)

e-learning ran a regional event for the podcasting for pedagogical purposes SIG on the 11th Nov. I think it was a success, and we’ll be running another event on the 2nd march (using SMS / texting in HE). The following are some of my notes to remember for the next time πŸ™‚

  • rooms – 6 west was fine, make sure we have booked atleast two break out rooms. Also make sure the projectors are OK in the breakout rooms
  • people seemed to find it fine, so same as before, a few signs to help people
  • need to have clearer instructions for the wireless network. People didn’t follow onscreen instructions w.r.t re-booting.
  • get them onboard before the questions (responseware), so they have a chance to contribute
  • get better mics for the presentors … the clip mics didn’t work and lots of sessions didn’t record !!!
  • make sure all presentations are available on the presentors machine, i.e., the keynote presentation was not, so could capture using panopto
  • e-learning tablet PCs were great, just make sure have software installed and wireless set up.
  • better use of the event tag, in particular, pointing it out regularly on slides
  • ensure there are poster boards, and encourage the e-leanring team to make a few more posters
  • ensure we have some representation from a JISC type service – this worked very well at the podcasting event. If we can’t get a service then perhaps some blurb from JISC Advance or the HEA



One comment

  1. Bill Claxton

    You could use Panopto screen recording and a device such as Epiphan VGA2USB. This would ensure that you’d also capture the Mac presentations in addition to the Windows ones, and thus allow more flexibility at the podium.

    As for the audio recording, I recommend a USB mixer with 2 inputs. One can be a feed from the PA system (to capture the wireless or other mics) and another input can be used for a room mic such as a good boundary mic. With this setup, you’ll never miss any audio due to a failed mic or bad connection.

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