Why buy a PSP and an iPod Touch?

This is a question which needs to be addressed as the e-learning team are using some external money to buy a PSP. The answer is relatively straightforward. In terms of background, devices like the PSP are becoming more common place with students (or variants of, i.e., the new generation of nintendo ds). They also offer significant opportunities for the student in terms of lerning. For instance, they have wi-fi web access, they have rss aggregates pre-installed, the can play multimedia, they can capture multimedia, they include chat tools and conference capabilities. In other words, for low level type of uses these are superior to laptops !!

Our purchase fits into a wider ongoing project around the area of using mobile devices in learning and teaching. This will include, Nintendo DS, iPod Touch, Smartphones (blackberry and windows platforms). In particular;

  • ensuring Moodle works effectively on this type of device
  • activities in face to face teaching can be completed, i.e, use of responseware, sms/twitter, note taking etc.,
  • how viable are these as data / evidence collection tools, i.e., capturing info and uploaded to an e-Portfolio

Once the devices are delivered the first activities will be;

  • access the wi-fi network and complete a responseware activity (also use a iPod Touch, Nintento DS, Blackberry and HTC).
  • complete a number of basic tasks in Moodle (also use an iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Blackberry and HTC Touch HD). The tasks will include, navigating to a specific course, adding material to a forum, complete a 2 question quiz, opening a web page in the course, reading a word document). We’ll need to make a course up for this test 🙂

The outcomes of these exercises will be written up on mobile-learning.blog-city.com, and relevant blogs at the University of Bath.






One comment

  1. jerry

    I think it depends on what you are mainly using the device for. The ipod touch interface is much more userfriendly for web browsing and basically doing anything other than gaming. the psp is the superior gaming device of course… but lacks in the other areas since it does not have a touch screen

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