e-learning Operational Plan: pre monitoring report statement

The e-learning operational plan (2009 to 2011) was released in June 2009 after being presented at a Learning and Teaching Committee Meeting. It is available from, http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/themes/e-learning/opplan. The plan identified 20 actions to be undertaken within certain timeframes.

The annual monitoring report against the identified actions and any amendments will be available from the previous url and should be available by the end of Jan 2010. the annual monitoring report will be circulated to the LTC and the DoS.

This is a pre-monitoring report statement concerning the e-learning Operational Plan.

Some of the key actions for this year have been achieved. For instance, the Creation of a Moodle User Group (Dec 09), publication of the e-learning Staff Development Programme (Sept 09), Propose an e-Assessment Review (Nov 09), Write a staff development evaluation plan (Oct 09).

The eLPF plan has not been written as a complete document. However, it has been discussed and implemented. The eLPF will take place as a standalone meeting once a year. It will also be the umbrella group for large one day events which include external representatives. For instance, the PPP SIG in November, and the SMS event arranged for March 2010.

During the period the e-learning Team had resourcing issues. This resulted in a few actions facing some slippage. For instance, Develop the Moodle Development Plan  will not be released until Feb 2010, Design a Moodle Evaluation Plan, will not be released until Feb 2010. The e-learning Podcast series will start in Feb 2010 with thin inflow of new staff, who’ll be given responsibility to implement this initiative.

An area which has not been developed due to staff turn over has been the Online Unit Evaluation Service.


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