moodle developer pool: a few thoughts

The following idea is gathering support from across people at the University. We have been focused on a developing community of practice in terms of effective use (which we must keep doing). However, the background to this is the emergence of a Moodle software development plan. This plan will indicate what we are looking at during each academic year. Many of the developments will be constrained by available staff resource. However, there are a number of people who might want to improve their expereince of developing Moodle and mobile apps using authentic / meaningful tasks with real users and an end date.  Our current development model doesn’t encourage or facilitate a community of developers approach. It would be really useful to publise this and encourage developers across the university to participate.

In terms of risks, it would be quite low, they’d not have access to real (confidential data), they would work with members of the Moodle Tech Team, to ensure their solutions scale and would have marginal negative impact on performance, and they would be able to use e-learning development boxes. The benefits would be significant as they might be able to develop solutions for requirements.

more thoughts to come … mind dump over !!


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