8East – Access Grid Room

Just re-visited the 8East access grid room with Rachael. The idea is to use this as more informal learning space for workshops.

Infact, the room isn’t that flexible 🙂 It is still being used as an access grid room so the booking swould include time to set up room. The way people use it currently (given access to it is via two access doors, is to all meet up before and walk through together. Then only a few people in the team will need permanent access to the room via library card (need to contact Paul Wheatley about access). Catering will deliver.

We’ll not be able to use the PC in the room, so need to bring own laptops. This means we’ll not be able to use the main projection area. So use fixed projector to another wall. This will mean we’ll have to re-arrange the room.

I’ve ask about who is responsible for purchasing more equipment for the room. I’m thinking, it is not perfect as a learning space, however, we could use this as a means of introducing effective teaching methods. i.e., display boards / interactive whiteboards, voting technology etc., We’ll need to use of tablet pcs as user machines (so lots of grop work :-)).

So I’m keen, I look at it and think, yes, a nice space to run a one day workshop on exe etutorial design for a few people.

I’ll wait to see what Pete says ….


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