Technology for specific gta rooms

The increasing use of ARS has meant we are likely to hit capacity issues from AV and e-learning within the current loan model, plus there are probably percieved barriers for staff when rolling out the use of 200 plus units in rooms.

This means we need to re-think the model. One option would be to have fixed systems in rooms. So people could book a large lecture threatre which has fixed ARS. This would involve fixing a bracket, with a clicker in it to the table (UWE have implemented). There are a number of obvious hurdles, one of which is cost (bracket and clicker will cost about £45, so a 200 seater room would cost about £5K). The other issue is the feasibility within the timetabling system. It appears it can be included as part of the room booking request. This has been used before for dual projection rooms. However, it will be yet another constraint on a very pressured timetable system.

Where next, well …. given the rapidly tightening financial strings, I’d imagine we need to spend time working up a very tight business case for this, or if one doesn’t exist then reject it. So, need data on ARS utilisation, cross referenced with staff input.


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  1. Gwen vdV

    Interesitng consideration. I wonder whether it makes a difference in terms of learner expereince if you use ARS in a lecture theatre of 120, or in a lecture theatre of 350.
    In the former, I might (as a student) still expec some kind of interactivity to take place. In a 350 lecturetheatre, I would be so far away from the lecturer, I would expect distance both in terms of space, as well as communication. I.e. at some size of space, I would consider myself to be ‘anonymous’ and interaction does not seem to tally with that.

    Is that jsut me?

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