ITIL post meeting with Andrew Lee

A very interesting discussion around ITIL with Andrew. It was very useful to get a handle on the vision and implementation at BUCS.

Some background info which I found very useful.

  • itil has no start, middle, or end
  • there are accreditted levels, to start with these involve exams
  • it is very much a reflective kolb framework, with the underlying meta process of CSI (continual service improvement). In other words, constantly asking us to answer the question … how can we make our service better for our customers (in our case staff and students).

Something we talked about were the benefits of teams gowing through the ITIL process as it enables a common language for us in the team (and wider across parts of BUCS). This was a very tangible gain from when I (with many other operational and project managers had a day training for Prince 2).

The plans at Bath include purchasing a number of resources (ITIL foundation training material), and for those who wish undertaking the exam.

An action I’ve taken is to purchase the intro book. After which, if I still think it would have a positive impact on the Moodle Service, I’ll develop a various number of strategies for the team.

I’m also looking at how the underlying principles of the ITIL framework can be mapped onto (and included with) an indivdiual members of staff’s success factors … more to ponder …


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