e-learning team meeting – thoughts feb 2010

Just a few thoughts from the e-learning team meeting. We need to think about how, what and when we communicate with opur users. It was interesting peoples views on the need to re-assure more frequently. This is understandable. It was also interesting the idea of traffic lights (key busy periods for the service) came up … I’m not sure about automated traffice lights, however, a statement of busy periods (peaks and troughs) for intensive work, i.e., online marking might help. Another reasons to get all people through the ITIL framework … open our eyes to good and effective practice.

Other point I need to follow up on is to help facilitate the joint authoring of workshops and papers for MoodleMoot. I’m really keen we work through with ideas which will readily transfer to own message at the uni, i.e., run a workshop at MoodleMoot which can be run at Bath. Or diliver something which can be linked to a podcast or panopto session (in the occassional series).


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