Notes from catch up … in no particular order

Classroom Technologies

Some very interesting work in using ARS for summative assessment. On one unit students peer assess presentations. This contributes a small amount towards their grade. In the past this has used a paper model. However, this year they will be using the ARS. The plan is to have a generic score slide for each presentation, after the presentation the students vote. However, the results are not displayed as it is an individual presentation. The scores (file saved) at the end and passed to admin for mark entry into SAMIS. The students will then receive the score slide associated with their presentation.

They seem very interested in a Dept collection of ARS Clickers. This is not because of problems with AV, more the sense of ownership for the dept. They’d follow the recommended technology, i.e., TurningPoint. However, a little shocked by the price 🙂

They also thought responseware would be a problem in logistics in running with people trying to hook up different devices at the start of the lecture … they prefer the idea of just using the clickers

Still very happy with papershow 🙂 Less with sympodium as occasionally it seems to suffer a blip and not work !


Interested in the connection with programme code checking software … i.e., what discussed by Elect Eng at last DoS meeting. I said, we’ll get a few people together to discuss. It should be part of the focus group sessions on needs

With online submission current model is physical handin for marking, and electronic for checking (if required), would be good to take leave out of tax submission, i.e., given a code by the system when you submit, then student prints and this code is watermarked on, and they hand in physically. Have to admit, might be simply to get them to submit electronically, and print from there (will pass the print costs to the department)


Programme evaluation … what is happening with it?


Would like to include a web interface for RT, but not getting far with this interms of web services. Any thought, a nudge from helpful e-learning?


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