Really good chat about the practical steps of taking forward their distance learning courses. A message which came out was idea of different potential models. For instance;

  • discussed different approaches to manage the tutor workload on the discussion boards.
  • use of the wiki for group work (or individual) so they can evidence the progress in terms of time stamps. This would allow them to assess both the product, and also the process. We also discussed the possibility of using peer assessment on the collaborative work.
  • also discussed the use of megameeting to help facilitate the group work.
  • the use of panopto and megameeting to provide small (10-15 minute) screencasts from invited speakers, which are released a few days before the event, and a Q&A session on megameeting. The forum could be used to provide a summary of the Q&A.

Some problems they have encountered with online submission, include file types and spreadsheets – need to talk at next catch up with RW.

Finally, would be a really useful group to work with when exploring the potential use of a social network client / service


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