Small number of students on MRes.  Spent most of the time discussing the feedback. In particular, the problems with OUE Response Rates. Thought the idea of using ARS in the classroom to feed into OUE was good. Interestingly, not aware of strategies which can be used to enhance response rates, i.e., arch & civil engineering. Question must be, what information are they getting from their Head of Department?

Mentioned a few related points, the responses are those who tend to have an issue, as the main way to highlight a problem, outside of SSLCs. Also, the content silent majority … if OK / acceptable then will not submit. They are aware it is there. Hence, response rates will be low.

Also, had a very interresting discussion around the idea of student feedback on their performance. Firstly, students aren’t aware they get feedback, and they focus on feedback on exam performance.

Discussed the use of other approaches, which are led by the lecture, and do not include the use of peer assessment.

1. use of ARS at key points within the course, for instance after a number of weeks around a key concept. Design a 15 minute clicker activity (say 6 or 7 questions). These indicate peformance. Inform the student this is feedback, they should use it to guage where they are in comparison with Peers, also lecture will use this to inform about student learning. This information can be feed to the small group seminar leaders (if appropriate) to give them a steer on their discussions and sessions. Health warning … book the kit

2. use of Moodle Quiz in the same manner as the audience response systems. The feedback is provided by the system, and the lecture unpacks the questions and responses in a classroom session (lecture). Health warning … response rates, you need to encourage students to complete the quiz.

3. Generic audio feedback (or in lecture) to any assigned / submitted work. These could be created and uploaded to Moodle. Or use the panopto service.


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