Managing one of our services / pilots

We run a number of services / pilots and I encourage the wider community at Bath to take leadership over running / managing the service. This is for a number of reasons. Including, more hands do more work, reducing bottlenecks of staff in the central team (who would spend all their time running services), empowering more people at the institution to take ownership of e-learning, and also give people a development opportunity.

The following is a number of requirements for those (including the central e-learning team) when they run a service or pilot service. I’m trying to be more explicit so people are aware of the expectations. They will be tailored for the needs of the service and the individual involved.

These are not in an order of preference.

  1. write (with colleagues – HoE) a service annual plan.This should include the overall aims, a few targets, a communication plan (one side of A4), and evaluation plan (one side of A4). This should be published in the e-learning Team wiki.
  2. maintain the service blog
  3. support staff on the software, i.e., answer email queries, and face to face meetings
  4. report back to the wider team on the service, and use the wider teams skills and resources to help develop staff and the service
  5. if appropriate, act as the lead when discussing technical / user needs in terms of integration
  6. maintain FAQs
  7. run any university wide seminars
  8. write an agreed number of how tos, and case studies over the period (will be an agreed deliverable in the service plan).
  9. look for external opportunities, including, presentations, workshops, publications or project

The above will be worked through with the Head of e-Learning. The Head of e-Learning will support the individual who is running the service, this support will include staff development, attending external events etc.,


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