e-learning Team Away Day – The Plan

Broad aims

1. Team building exercises
2. Produce a number of concrete outputs to enhance our staff development programme.
3. Collaboratively create a number of how to guides to publish on the web site
4. Q&A


10.30: Welcome & aims
10.40: Create a poster session which answers the following question:

“what technology have you seen in the last 6 months which has made you go wow in terms of the potential to improve learning and teaching”

Hints … describe the technology, what does it do? Outline a scenario of use

11.00 to 12.30: Re-designing our staff development programme: is it time to through out the baby, the bath water and the bath?

Each group will to present a 10 minute pitch on their vision for how we will develop staff and students in terms of e-learning at the University of Bath. This should include a plan for semester 1, the role of online and face to face, and what we are missing and why. This needs to be more effective than current system, get the balance between our support and development roles. Identify the pitfalls and suggest strategies for success. How might we factor in the emerging faculty structure.

Supporting links include:

http://docs.google.com – e-learning staff tracking software

12.30 to 1.15: Lunch

1.15 to 1.30: Fresh air

1.30 to 3.30: How to guides “creation factory” – http://blogs.bath.ac.uk/elearninghowto/

Each group has to write and publish 3 how to guides (I got you to think about this a few weeks ago)

3.30 to 4.00: Afternoon tea & open floor … “ask the boss”


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