Vision of media service (or thoughts)

Met up with Sacha and Simon from AV, Andy Male and Nitin

Discussion around what should be done about better managing the end user experience (upload and play) for multi-media files at Bath. The main focus was on simplifying the work flow for staff and students, while reducing the support and staff development resource. The focus is on user generated stuff (so ignoring lecture capture (panopto), third part provided under license etc.,).

The outcome was, all agreed on the vision of a youtube type expereince. Where you upload anything and the encoding is done for you, it then generates a number of ways to distribute the material. This would include the option of developing a block for moodle.

Agreed not to tie ourselves to a software solution at this stage (although re-vamped LMF might work rather well). We’ll start to collect user stories. Agreed Vic / Geraldine might be perfect for this during April / May. We’d update the wiki, and I’ll arrange another meeting in May.

In the short term, it sounds like AV will be outputing it’s non panopto stuff in windows media format. We (e-learning) should check our FAQs, and write a how to guide on making these availble to students via LMF or Moodle (or both).

The end result should be to work


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