thoughts from iteration 1 – qr code submission


Seemed a little confused about the information to enter in their sheet, i.e., their unit convenor.

Talked to a few students. They seem very happy with the process.


Using the webcam is still a perceived issue. Although she scanned fine, and have just increased the size of the QR code

One student didn’t go, looks like the process was not completed. Need to suggest, if you are not sure then decode and send again.

One student oriented an earlier coversheet so info not correct.

Problems configuring email (outlook) at start of day. This is a pain. Might be a vista thing. Use a xp machine on 4th.

The scanning space is a mess. The laptop is on a box, and the web cam on another box. This is not making things very easy. Dept need to get this sorted.

Targets for this week – by 3rd

  • Encryption – Matt
  • Pulling info from samis to populate coversheet – Matt
  • Look into scanners – Andy
  • Run on xp machine for outlook – James
  • Swap email accounts so not using james
  • Write instruction sheet – James
  • Sketch out plans to migrate, identify work packages – Andy

Feedback from Karen:

My feedback on the submission for EE40150 on Friday 26 February 2010.

The barcode has been enlarged which does make it easier to scan but I feel
that a scanner that scans the barcode quicker would be more beneficial than
a 'web cam'
One reort had an 'old version of the coversheet' which failed to be accepted
- this was rectified
One report was scanned but not accepted - this was rectified
Students did not understand the wording 'Unit Convenor' - can this be
changed to Unit lecturer(s)

Student feedback was positive (3 students)
BO report easy to use

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