iPhone testing with Karen

QR code submission

Test with Karen done. Gave the cribsheet (could do with a few images).

The only potential confusion is when the iPhone offers different wi-fi connections. This made Karen thing twice. So need to ensure the wifi defaults to the bath bucs connection, and give clear instructions to click on bath bucs. This is only a problem if the device has been off for a while. If you use the model of collect all and then scan, it means simply turn on, and let the device find the network (30 seconds), then open quickmark and start scanning.

Apart from that, all seemed fine. Much happier with this compared to the webcam solution 🙂

I’ll ask for feedback after 4.00 today 🙂

Only observation is, for this submission they’ve been asked to hand-in two copies … need local procedure to separate those with coversheets and those without.

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