thoughts post chat with Lucie

We ran the second submission session on the 4th.

The iPhone was much more successful compared to using the webcam / laptop. We do need to turn off the auto save !!! It sounds like a little testing to optimise the size of the QR Code for the iPhone. Lets make some sizes and take it from there

A key question is, the iPhone isn’t a very scaleable solution across the institution. So I’ll need to follow up on the leads from the scanning company. A particular concern is, if people have extensions, they had it in, then it needs to be scanned. However, the iPhone might not be available. So, perhaps look at form solution so an admin person can submit the individual extension. This will take a few minutes to complete as they’ll need to enter the promary key info. Also, need to LDAP authenticate, so only certain people can access the form.

In the wider context it sounds like they’ll need to re-visit the conversations with Amy concerning how “set in stone” the submission dates are. For instance, for very good reason they might need to change them.

Finally, I’ve agreed e-learning will supply their iPhone when they (the Dept/Faculty) need more than one handset.

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