thoughts … post catch up with Vic

A couple of points came from the catch up with Vc, which I need to think about. Firstly, the issue of managing groups in Moodle. She’s been working with Rania and it seems very complex / labour intensive to manage group wiki’s. I’m aware much of this infomation (students in groups) may sit in the university’s group management tool. If this is the case, can we not use this? A future technical development?

Secondly, conditional release of material – note coming in Moodle 2.0, however, we aren’t going to be there until Summer 2011. So could use the following to conditionally release an assignment point (Vic’s been working with James Davenport). A how to guide is coming 🙂

  1. Create assignment point
  2. hide assignment point and any folders from Student
  3. create quiz, with a few questions – if achieve a certain grade then within feedback include the link to the assignment activity

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