thoughts from conversation with Kate about Layar

I met up with Kate Robinson to discuss layar and the potential for it’s use in the Library.

She seemed very keen and was going to arrange for a quick literature review on the topic.

we identified a number of uses, and thought the focus might be on time depended stuff, i.e., what is happening now. In a sense the layar is being used as a simply RSS aggregator of lots of existing information flows. As well as static text. For instance;

general info (info on plasma screens (available pcs, training events) room bookings, exhibitions, info from generic model skills courses, opening hours)

personal to them – but don’t need to authenticate – layars to drill down to subject info, i.e., Science Faculty Students – with new books, subject libararian blog posts, their contact details)

personal to them – need to authenticate – book renewals, reserved books, fines etc.,

It was also very obvious we need to engage the student community in what they would like to see with this type of technology. What layars might they want created, why, and how this might be managed.

I also found out I need to talk to Rachal Harvey (inductions operations group). Worth following up post — QR Code development

Post the conversation, I had a really interesting chat with Brian Kelly as we tried to work out the USP of us developing Layars, where are we coming from? where do we add value? I’m thinking, there is such a diversity in terms of requirements for the different activities, our USP is focussed on rolling out the authoring (and supporting people) to reduce barriers and maximise sustainability.


One comment

  1. anthony


    I’m working at Layar and I just found your blog incidentally with google. You project looks exciting, but there’s one big limitation in Layar that may be a serious pain: GPS accuracy is mediocre indoors.
    However, feel free to contact me if you need details on what’s possible with our technology!


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