regulatory principles for e-assessment

I’ve been reading the regulatory principles for e-assessment ( I like them as they are very accessible. This will feed into the ongoing conversation around QA-QE e-Learning SIG, and the changing QAA e-Learning Code of Practive. So to help us feed into this conversation, and to identify emerging good practice it would be useful to see what we might learn from applying them to a number of different scenarios. The idea being if we apply the principles it will inform us about where we are, and promote good practice. The scenarios are;

  • using Moodle for objective testing in UBELT
  • using SAMIS/QR Codes for managing and recording the handin of assignments
  • using Moodle for online submission of assignments

I envisage the situation where we’d develop a template for staff (local, in departments) to complete as recommended practive for managing the use of e-assessment. The following outlines a likely format for the template (note much of it will be pre-completed where the owner is e-learning, Registry, or BUCS), the individual academic / local support team will need to only complete a relatively small amount.



  • Short description of the planned e-assessment event
  • List of people involved, ie., support staff

Principles (this would be as a table)

  • Column 1: Principle – bulleted number as listed in QCA document
  • Column 2: Description – as listed in the QCA document
  • Column 3: Who is responsible at the University of Bath (BUCS, e-Leanring, E&D (LTEO), Registry, Local, DoS, Lecturer, local admin)
  • Column 4: tick or cross – if achieved
  • Column 5: notes to evidence Column 4
  • Column 6: actions and timelines

Where next? Well, I’ve a meeting with Vic on wednesday to see if we can work through the guidelines and emerging template for the online submission of assignments (unit or programme level … think education, or engineering). If this works and there are a number of meaningful outcomes, then I’ll take the activity to the next e-learning team meeting. 

If the process works on wednesday, we can repeat for the UBELT scenario – I’m aware Vic has a meeting on Thursday


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