Thoughts from Fac Humaities – Dept Admin session

I gave a 30 minute overview of e-assessment review,  discussed pilot in engineering and plans for online submission work. It seemed to go down very well.

Discussion points

  1. how to manage change and work process in Depts between different people (admin, academics, students).
  2. 2nd marking
  3. printing costs
  4. what is the current situation in terms of health and safety around onscreen marking – might be hours of staring at screens.
  5. coversheet, can this be localised, i.e., by Faculty or Deptartment

For notes, focussed on what should be delivered by start of new academic year;

  • idea of what people want, and how people currently supporting online submission. Suggested staff development model(s)
  • robust / resilient moodle service which can handle online submission of assignments
  • archive and retrival policy for Moodle
  • turnitIn integration
  • better idea of annymous submission and second marking

Other ideas are likely to be plans 🙂


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