Moodle4iPhone … my first time in

Well, I spent an hour or so (in between watching the Solar System, and Match of the Day 2) to try out the Moodle4iPhone platform.

I must say, it took a little while getting use to the navigation. It can be a little frustrating. I think my biggest problem is I’m use to using an HTC with a stylus. So having to use my big thick thumbs to navigate around was a little hit and miss in the  course. It appears the expand/contract finger movements don’t work to zoom in, don’t work. This is a real problem as it felt a little fiddly. Especially, when navigating to people in the participants list or using the crumb trail. The comments below on the use of choices and the quiz, also feeds into my first point.

Overall, I did enjoy the quiz, where everything rendered OK. However, the rendering in the Choices activities made this very difficult to use. It simply didn’t display all the info, and so, I could actually complete it on my iTouch.


Anonymous results – 5th option doesn’t display, and screen doesn’t scroll. The headings for the results were a little squashed up.

Non-anonymous results – again information didn’t display very well on my iTouch. Would imagine the results would be horrible if used on a course with a large number of students

Update anytime – this worked very well because a limited number of choices – only 3

Limited number – lots of the information, including Friday was not displaying !! Kind of useless as an activity 


With timer. The page navigation was squashed into the bottom left, which with my big thumbs made it a little difficult to quickly switch between the questions.

I didn’t bother to wait for the time out …

Quiz with password – all worked fine, except when returning to the quiz after listening to the audio, I had to re-enter all my answer to the previous questions !!!


Very nice, except there was no one to talk to 


Work fine 🙂

Next step

For me, the next step is to look a little more at the use of the forum

One comment

  1. Carlos Kiyan

    Hello Andy
    thank you for your remarks, we do really appreciate them

    Concerning the

    *Choices limited number, I have changed the days (Monday to Mon, Tuesday to Tue and so on).

    If the number of characters of the different choices are short you don’t have a problem to display them ( iPhone vertical position)

    **Update anytime, it is possible to add more number of choices. you can take a look now.

    Did you try to rotate 90 degrees your iPod touch in order to display all the choices ?

    Thank you so much for all your remarks, we do really appreciate them a lot

    Kind regards


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