Moodle4iPhone – collection point 2

I spent a little more time on the Moodle4iPhone course on my iTouch.

The first point, is in terms of navigation, I think I started to get it. The zoom in / zoom out worked well, and I started to develop effective navigation strategies on the device. So you might be able to teach old dogs new trick πŸ™‚

They’d made some changes to the choices. These work better, however, I still think my advice to academics who wished to use the tool would be to consider what you want to achieve and try to design your activity appropriately. I feel, the fewer options, the better πŸ™‚


I spent time on the glossary tasks. The many stumbling block was, when you want to add your own term, so the form is open, the course navigation appears at the top, and the onscreen keyboard is active, then it doesn’t work. On my device the text input was masked by the top navigation layer. So I couldn’t see the what I was writing. This meant I had to keep flicking between different views to get it to work.

One comment

  1. Carlos Kiyan

    Hello Andy
    Thank you so much for your remarks!!.
    We have fixed the Wptouch bar at the glossary activity. Please, you can take a look again?
    Thank you so much for helping us again.
    Kind regards

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